Three-dimensional tomograph
O.G Schmidt, M. Medina-Sánchez, S.M. Weiz
US Patent App. 16/462,743

Description:A three-dimensional tomograph as can be used for examining and manipulating objects on the millimeter scale or smaller, for example, for examining and manipulating biological cells, molecules or ions. The three-dimensional tomograph achieves reproducible and reliable signals in millimeter dimensions or smaller dimensions without significant signal overlays. The three-dimensional tomograph is composed of at least one three-dimensional microcomponent made of a rolled-up or folded-up layer stack of at least one carrier layer and electrodes at least located thereon for the impedance measurement. The electrodes for the impedance measurement are once or repeatedly arranged essentially on the inner or outer surface of the microcomponent in a fully surrounding manner on at least one plane, and the measurement object is located in the interior of the microcomponent and/or around the microcomponent.

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